Financial Awareness Program

Financial Awareness Program

Understanding your current financial situation is the very first step towards planning for your future. Our web-based Financial Awareness Program provides you with the tools necessary to do both. 

Through a secure and encrypted personalized individual “website” each client can create personal budgets, keep track of cash flow and spending, bank account balances, income, insurance policies and so much more, all in real time. As your financial situation changes due to changes in your life or lifestyle, your website updates and you always have access to current meaningful information.  You can set short and long term financial goals and use the website to help monitor your progress as you work towards achieving them. Also, utilize the personalized website to address your families financial needs, whether as an opportunity to expose your children to the disciplines involved in budgeting and investing or as a tool to accumulate and monitor your parent’s financial information in a user-friendly interface.

You will also have unlimited secure storage to keep your most important documents and personal papers (passports, wills, insurance policies etc.), safe and available 24 hours a day, ( many clients also store their personal photos and music here too).

Through your website, you will be able to view and print dozens of updated personal financial reports, all based on real-time information and the future scenarios you’re curious about.  Will you have enough money saved to take that dream vacation next year? Run the report and find out.  Will your social security and pension income be enough to fund your current lifestyle in retirement? Run the report and find out. Take advantage of this powerful tool and take control of your financial life.

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