Managing Corporate Healthcare Expenses

Managing the ever rising costs of healthcare continues to pose a challenge for most organizations, especially businesses, labor unions, non profit organizations, municipalities, school districts and universities that typically provide its employees with a premium benefits plan.

Ariston Advisory Group, an independent Benefits Consulting Group, has forged strategic partnerships with some of the largest, most innovative firms in the health benefits sector in an effort to advise organizations of all sizes on how best to meet the challenge of managing their healthcare expenses head on.

In order to achieve this objective, Ariston executes an extensive review that closely resembles a Private Equity due diligence process. Our independent, “deep dive” review is a quiet one, that analyzes many financial levers in an attempt to identify various cost saving strategies while looking to optimize the organization’s overall benefits coverage.

As a result, Ariston typically reduces an organization’s annual expense by 10-20%, often without ever changing their underlying benefits or the benefits provider. The larger the plan, the more effective the strategies.

Unlike a typical Benefits Broker, Ariston’s loyalty is to our client.  We strive to routinely identify and deliver innovative cost savings strategies and value added services unique to the industry. These strategies typically incorporate a number of our strategic “partners”, all of whom have been heavily vetted and exhibit the same underlying commitment to “doing the right thing” for their clients.

Ariston is a strategic resource for almost every organization looking to manage its healthcare costs. We hope to ultimately become the “go to” resource for many organizations as there is absolutely no downside to bringing us on board to help navigate these tumultuous waters.

Ariston Advisory Group provides comprehensive solutions for Corporate Health and Benefit plans for  most organizations and combines this service with a unique suite of financial enhancements unmatched in the industry.

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