Corporate Health Benefit Plan Reviews

“Private Equity” Style Due Diligence Process

Ariston executes an extensive corporate health benefit plan review that closely resembles a “Private Equity” style due diligence process. In some instances, we analyze up to 150 financial levers in an attempt to identify various cost-saving strategies, all while looking to optimize the plan’s overall benefit coverage.

The information required to initiate this review should be readily available to every organization, so the current benefits broker/consultant need not be informed of the evaluation.

Considering that there is no cost or commitment associated with our review, there is absolutely no downside to having us evaluate the plan.

In order to initiate our review, we need the following information:

  • Benefits Summary
  • Enrollment data- singles, families on plan
  • Current rates/costs
  • Renewal date

For larger, self-insured plans, we would need information related to the underlying specifics of the plan (including prior year’s details related to the organization’s prescription plan).

After all cost savings strategies compatible to the organization’s plan are identified, a follow-up meeting would identify such strategies and quantify the cost savings to the organization. In many instances, the underlying benefits and the benefits provider remain unchanged, so there is very little disruption to the plan members.

In almost every instance, we are able to generate a material reduction in annual expenses. These reductions can equate to millions of dollars per year, depending upon the type and size of the current benefits plan.

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