Benefits for Smaller Groups

Benefits for Smaller Groups

As an independent benefits broker not beholden to any one carrier or company, Ariston is able to offer truly independent advice regarding each of the healthcare benefits options available to you and your employees.  That process always begins with a comprehensive Corporate Health Benefits Audit and Review. Through this audit, we will gain a deep understanding of what benefits you currently have and what your goals and requirements are for a benefits package moving forward.  We cater to the unique needs of the small business owner who’s time and energy is better served running and growing their business rather than learning and worrying about health care claims, administration, and compliance.

In addition to all of this, we offer a series of unique benefit enhancements unmatched in the industry that are all designed to provide value to you and your employees over and above the traditional health care benefits available from any other broker.  These enhancements include access to our web-based Financial Awareness Program, financial planning, and our personal life insurance management programs.

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