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Fiscal Health Index Score

Ariston Advisory Group calculates a Fiscal Health Index score (FiHIS) for every employee that enrolls in our voluntary Fiscal Diagnostic Program.

FiHIS is based on our unique analysis of various financial metrics that have been provided to us by the employee. It identifies and quantifies an individual’s fiscal health while providing strategies to address any identified shortcomings.

Our innovative approach to identifying and quantifying an individual’s fiscal health considers various financial components and can be a helpful step towards identifying strategies to aid in planning for one’s retirement.

Note that FiHIS is only as effective as the thoroughness of information provided.

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Secure Personalized Financial Website

Organize your financial life with your very own private, encrypted and secure digital wealth management portal.

This personalized client website will give you access to the most advanced interactive planning tools in the industry and the ability to view, manage and plan nearly every aspect of your personal financial life. 

Including your:

Assets and Liabilities: Regardless which bank or brokerage firm your assets are held, your personalized Dashboard is a consolidated view of all your accounts, everything you own, and everything you owe, all in one place, updated in real-time.

Spending: The ability to track spending habits and monitor cash flow will help you stay on the right financial path.

Budgets: Set budgets and keep track of progress as you work to reach your savings goals.

Investments: Interactive charts and detailed summaries increase your knowledge of your financial accounts. Regardless of which bank or brokerage firm they are held.


Ariston’s Robust Portal also helps educate and organize your financial life through:

Workshops: Help you understand the impact of your financial decisions and make your goals a reality.

Education:  An extensive library of videos, articles and other resources to increase your financial knowledge.

Vault: Unlimited access to secure electronic document storage keeps your most valuable records safe and accessible.

Organizer: Our intuitive organizer helps you consolidate your important account information so you can easily view it at any time.

Screen Sharing: Communicate with your advisor from anywhere in the world without the hassles of third-party software.

Alerts: Email and mobile alerts empower you to be actively involved in your wealth management process. 

Mobile App: The same great features… on the go. You have access to your personal financial website from wherever you are and on any device you choose.

Security: Our applications are backed by modern data centers that use industry-best security and encryption. With Ariston Advisory Group, you’ll have peace of mind that your data is always protected.

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Life Insurance Management Services

Life insurance is a valuable asset that is often misunderstood and mismanaged by many people.

Whether you are trying to protect your family from the uncertainties in life, accumulate cash, invest tax-free, or protect your estate, life insurance should play an important role in all of your long-term financial plans. The right life insurance products managed the right way, can help you grow your net worth, protect your assets and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family and their lifestyle are always protected. Contact Ariston to effectively manage your Life Insurance needs.

Learn More About Life Insurance Management Services:

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Life Insurance Review

92% of existing policies can be restructured to provide maximum value. Is yours one of them? Consult with Ariston in order to Identify your current life insurance objectives, and initiate a comprehensive independent review to be sure.

Life Insurance Policies have traditionally been purchased and held until execution despite the inevitable changes that occur during one’s lifetime or within the marketplace that may make those existing policies less effective than when originally purchased.

As a result, Life Insurance is an asset that must be managed and reviewed for suitability on a regular basis to ensure coordination with business, retirement and estate planning. 

Turn to our audit services to review your current policies and provide expert consultation on how to improve your situation.

Ariston Advisory Group believes in a proactive approach to managing this asset class and provides clients with regularly scheduled, independent audits of their Life Insurance policies in order to identify any deficiencies and provide expert guidance.

Reviewing life insurance policies is even more critical than before, as data shows that as many as 90% of these policies can be restructured to provide more value.

Our life insurance audit process is a thorough and objective evaluation of one’s existing life insurance coverage designed to make sure the policy matches the policyholder’s needs.

The fact is that most life insurance policies aren’t suitable for the policyholders, and most of the time, the policyholder is unaware of this.

There are two main factors which affect the performance and efficacy of your current life insurance policies:

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Innovative Cash Flow Optimization Strategies

Our representatives analyze cash flows in an effort to identify customized strategies that effectively optimize savings potential based on one’s current lifestyle. Along with these customized strategies, we also propose various investment alternatives to maximize the future earnings potential related to the allocation of any new cash flows generated.


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Financial Planning and Retirement Services

Our representatives analyze cash flows in an effort to identify customized strategies that effectively optimize savings potential based on one’s current lifestyle. Along with these customized strategies, we also propose various investment alternatives to maximize the future earnings potential related to the allocation of any new cash flows generated. 

Whether it be a simple cash flow analysis and monthly budget, or a comprehensive long-term retirement and estate plan, everyone has a need for some type of Financial Planning 

From our web-based financial awareness program to our most comprehensive Estate level planning, Ariston has a program perfectly designed for every client.

Regardless of the level of service required, Ariston’s customized, goal-based planning services all begin with a proprietary review of a client’s current financial situation, and the opportunity to clearly define each of their future goals

We then provide our clients with long-term tools, strategies and independent third-party analysis appropriate for their circumstance, in order to help them achieve those goals.


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Financial Awareness Program

Understanding your current financial situation is the very first step towards planning for your future. Our web-based Financial Awareness Program provides you with the tools necessary to do both.

Through a secure and encrypted personalized individual “website” each client can create personal budgets, keep track of cash flow and spending, bank account balances, income, insurance policies and so much more, all in real time.

As your financial situation changes due to changes in your life or lifestyle, your website updates and you always have access to current meaningful information.

You can set short and long-term financial goals and use the website to help monitor your progress as you work towards achieving them. Also, utilize the personalized website to address your families financial needs, whether as an opportunity to expose your children to the disciplines involved in budgeting and investing or as a tool to accumulate and monitor your parent’s financial information in a user-friendly interface.

You will also have unlimited secure storage to keep your most important documents and personal papers (passports, wills, insurance policies etc.), safe and available 24 hours a day, ( many clients also store their personal photos and music here too).

Your website will enable you to view and print dozens of updated personal financial reports, all based on real-time information and future scenarios you’re curious about.

Will you have enough money saved to take that dream vacation next year? Run the report and find out. Will your social security and pension income be enough to fund your current lifestyle in retirement? Run the report and find out.

Take advantage of this powerful tool and take control of your financial life.

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Estate Level Financial Planning

At its core, effective financial planning requires a detailed knowledge of your current financial situation and an understanding of your future goals.

Once determined, those personal and financial goals will drive a dynamic ongoing process which will need to be modified and adapted as your life and financial situations change.

Through Ariston’s Estate level planning services, one of our affiliated CFP professionals will review your existing assets and plans to determine, among other things, if you are paying too much in fees, if you are taking unnecessary risks within your portfolio, and if your current assets are even  appropriate for you based on your stated goals and risk parameters,

We will then use that knowledge and work closely with you and your other trusted tax and legal advisors to develop an integrated and personalized roadmap designed especially for you.

We are committed to helping you keep what has, or will take, a lifetime to acquire, and generally structure our plans with the goal of ensuring long-term objectives, minimizing tax liabilities, and maximizing wealth transfer to future generations.

So whether you have immediate needs such as a detailed cash flow, net worth, or budget analysis… or future goals like retirement or legacy planning which require complicated trust and estate vehicles, our advisors will be with you every step of the way to offer objective independent advice, personalized service, and practical ideas.

This holistic approach to planning is combined with our robust technology platform which provides a customized individual “website” for each client.

This encrypted and secure portal will give you access to the most advanced interactive planning tools in the industry, including a consolidated dashboard view of each of your accounts and all of your assets, regardless of which bank or brokerage firm those assets are held… all in real time.

This customized and secure real-time view of your current financial picture helps make the process of comprehensive financial planning more dynamic, accurate and efficient.

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Social Security Reviews

Social Security Benefits are often the largest single retirement asset that an individual owns.

For most Americans, social security retirement benefits typically represent 30-60% of their retirement income and yet, according to the National Social Security Association, LLC over 90% of social security recipients receive less money than they are entitled to.

This oversight represents tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost retirement benefits.

The current Social Security system is very complex (over 2,700 rules that govern social security and 500 possible elections), and agents at the Social Security Administration (SSA) are prohibited from providing advice on filing strategies as well as on the taxation of benefits.

In addition to the numerous rules and filing options, one should also take into account one’s health status, life expectancy, need for income, how long you plan to work and survivor needs. All of these factors should be considered in determining your optimal filing strategy.

As a result, we will arrange a consultation, and generate a comprehensive, customized Social Security Plan with alternative options. We will also assist you in any timing, tax consequences, retirement issues related to the strategy, and help you coordinate with your other professional advisors (CPA and/or attorney).

Your social security filing election may be the most important financial decision you make in planning for retirement. Coordinating this valuable benefit along with your other retirement assets, and in a tax-efficient manner, is critical in developing a financially sound retirement income plan.

If you are approaching retirement perhaps now is the time to take a closer look at all of the numerous and valuable benefits that social security has to offer.


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