Life Insurance Audit and Reviews

92% of existing policies can be restructured to provide maximum value. Is yours one of them? Consult with Ariston in order to Identify your current life insurance objectives, and initiate a comprehensive independent review to be sure.

Life Insurance Policies have traditionally been purchased and held until execution despite the inevitable changes that occur during one’s lifetime or within the marketplace that may make those existing policies less effective than when originally purchased.

As a result, Life Insurance is an asset that must be managed and reviewed for suitability on a regular basis to ensure coordination with business, retirement and estate planning.

Turn to our audit services to review your current policies and provide expert consultation on how to improve your situation.

Ariston Advisory Group believes in a proactive approach to managing this asset class and provides clients with regularly scheduled, independent audits of their Life Insurance policies in order to identify any deficiencies and provide expert guidance.

Reviewing life insurance policies is even more critical than before, as data shows that as many as 90% of these policies can be restructured to provide more value.

Our life insurance audit process is a thorough and objective evaluation of one’s existing life insurance coverage designed to make sure the policy matches the policyholder’s needs.  

The fact is that most life insurance policies aren’t suitable for the policyholders, and most of the time, the policyholder is unaware of this.

There are two main factors which affect the performance and efficacy of your current life insurance policies:

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